You eventually need to build from source, why don’t you do it now?


You eventually need to build from source, why don’t you do it now?



Numpy is a great tool to use right out of the box. However, it’s also possible to squeeze even more performance out of numpy with different math library implementation. Using pip to install Numpy can't specify which math library to use, therefore we need to build it from source. So... "You eventually needs to build from source, why don’t you do it now?"



We cordially invite you to join the short sprint for the development environment for SOLVCON projects (  SOLVCON is a host of projects focusing on challenging (i.e., interesting) scientific problems of numerically solving the governing equations of transient phenomena.

The development environment, i.e., devenv (, is also a SOLVCON project, but has a much broader scope that includes the infrastructure for developing code for numerical calculations, which are the foundation of computational sciences and mathematics.  The real-world applications, including physics, mechanics, semiconductor, finance, machine learning, etc., will be built with it.

Starting with the fundamentals, we hope to share with more people what it takes to advance the technologies that change the world.  We hope you to come joining us.  The sprint will be an opportunity for everyone, regardless of prior experience, to learn.

We will need you to have a laptop or a VM running either MacOS or Linux.  At the moment the project does not yet support Windows.

Should you have any questions about the projects and the sprints, please find us at (English).



  • 09:40 — 10:00 報到
  • 10:00 — 10:30 devenv talk
  • 10:30 — 10:45 what are sciwork sprints
  • 10:45 — 11:00 the project information of solvcon devenv
  • 11:00 — 12:00 simple sprint for solvcon devenv



  • 賴俊旭 @ Mediatek firmware engineer, responsible for chip low power feature.
  • 鄭旭良 (Chester) @ Clounix DevOps engineer, dedicated to make development efficiently and operation automatically.



本次演講現場酌收講者車馬費 100 元







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Sciwork is a community for researchers and engineers to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. We believe in the power of openness, and use open source as a means to advance software development for computational sciences.

sciwork 首頁:

協辦單位:微程式 -- 夢森林

夢森林 Dreamforest 是由微程式所提供中部優質交流的場域空間,我們偕同相關產業的夥伴以跨領域技術交流為目的,以「知識分享」、「交流互動」與「創造價值」為核心出發,共同打造中部深具影響力的科技服務交流生態圈,促進在地產業發展。



夢森林 / 台中市市政路402號7樓

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